To the Christian Guy Who Broke My Heart

This is me, finally accepting my defeat that no matter what I do, I am not on your league.

We are not only seeing each other. In fact we are not walking between the line. We were given the time. We were able to hold each other. You were able to pull me closer through my waist. I know all your jokes, your favorite songs, and your scent. That’s why it was hard when I decided to forget you because it also means forgetting the familiarity of the places we’ve gone, even the sound of your ring tone.

Even so, I want to thank you for pushing that we are always wrong for each other. Because of you, I learned what a true man is – he isn’t someone who gives signals only to be never heard again, leaving strings of excuses that it isn’t the right time yet. He isn’t someone who comes back when someone is taking his place. He isn’t someone who breaks hearts and pretend he’s up to waiting.

And as I look at your new messages asking me out again, while a part of me still thinks that we can make it official in the right time, I am also thinking that this distance between us is the exact closure I needed to get over this and get over you. And it’s also possible that a Christian guy like you – so perfect and devoted, could break hearts too. 


A Letter to the One Who Will Pursue Me

I don’t want you to pursue me just because you are lonely. Find your happiness in being alone confidently knowing that at the right time I would surely come along. I want you to pursue me when you are ready and you are not in a hurry. I know there will be tiring and lonely nights but I want you to keep in mind that I exist and I am worth the wait. 

I don’t want you to pursue me when you are recently dealing from a devastated relationship. I don’t want to hear dramas on how your ex broke your heart and how you were played. Sure, it’s nice to heal someone else’s heart, but I don’t want to be the one who will do it. I don’t want to be the one who will do the fixing. I want you to pursue me when you’re already whole and mature enough to know that rebound is not your thing.

I don’t want you to pursue me to play your games. Just so you know I’m good at it, but I don’t want to do the playing. I’ve been in a no strings attached and friendship-with-mutual-feelings kind of relationships and I’m good at keeping feelings at bay and trashing emotions, however I’m tired enough to go back to those helpless situations again. Don’t pursue me after a night of chitchat and after knowing me overnight. I want you to pursue me because commitments are really your thing.
I don’t want you to pursue me only to become an ex-girlfriend soon. I want you to understand that my concept of dating is to marry. Don’t pursue me because you want to experience the roller coaster of emotions in dating. Don’t pursue me when marriage is not on your list. I am preserving myself for someone who is godly enough to pursue me. The only time I would surely become your exgirlfriend is when you make me your wife.
I want you to pursue me because you see completeness in me and you see your future in me. Pursue me because you love all the little things about me – the good and the bad and you find them amazing. Pursue me because you want to be the one I will be writing about. Pursue me because you want to protect me. Pursue me because you want to spend Sunday mornings sipping coffee with me. Pursue me because I am your only choice. So if you’re going to choose between me and another person, then don’t pursue me. I want you to see that I am precious, a person who loves consistency. I don’t want to spend the aftermath with someone who constantly thinks if he made the right decision or not.

And most importantly, pursue me at the right time when we are stable enough that dating will be our topmost priority. Right now, I want you to build and prepare yourself before you pursue me. Get a degree, work hard, invest as early as now, grow spiritually, and do all the things that you love because I want to hear them all when we will finally be together. I don’t you want to be the man of my dream; however I want you to be a man of practicality. Don’t worry I’m not into searching for Mr. Right who forever stays as a far fetched noun, an ambiguity, and a mystery.

So at the right time, pick yourself up and come pursue me. 

No Strings Attached

primavera ciliegi.gif

It feels right, but I know it would not end right.

Come to think of it, I shouldn’t feel this way at all. I shouldn’t be dismayed in times when you don’t call or in times you ignore me for days. I shouldn’t be sad when you don’t ask me how it’s like after spending time with you. And of course, I can’t be crying every time you tell me to never tell anyone we’ve been going out together.

I know I don’t own you and perhaps I never will. So stupid of me to swoon on your words that you could have dated me if you never had a girlfriend. So stupid of me to wait for a reply when you’re busy minding the drama of your LDR girlfriend. So stupid of me to be a late night fling. Now I couldn’t be more stupid for asking my role in your life no matter how pathetic that may be. To ask for explanations how can you give mixed signals then come to ignore me. To pretend it’s not something to cry the whole night when you told me to never get attached to you because you don’t want to hurt me.

Of course, I couldn’t be her. I could never hold your heart the way she holds it like a trophy. I couldn’t post our pictures, or write something about you for the whole world to see. I will only be the one you’re secretly seeing the whole time. The one you’re sending false hopes no matter how many times you keep on reminding that we could never be more than that.

You see, I’m trying to be the best at loving you but I can’t possibly let you do the same for me. Whenever you’re with me, I know you’re not really with me no matter how I tried to change that. It’s simply because I’m not her. And as I look at yet another update of the two of you on my feed, with flowering words I wished you can say to me while a part of me still thinks in the lamest way that I hope you can make us official, I am also thinking that maybe this online PDA of your long-term relationship is the exact closure I need to get over this and get over you.

To the One I Almost Dated



Somehow I was successful in pretending that what we had was never really a big deal – like it’s almost a total blur. But just this once I’ll tell you how much I’m feeling to this whirlwind romance you never remember but I can’t possibly forget.

Don’t get me wrong. I miss you. I miss how everything used to be. I miss the simple things: the way you run your fingers through my hair and how you tell me it smells great, the way you look at me while I was whining, the way you patiently answer the question I asked a million times or the way you carry me in your arms to stop me from blabbering. I miss your spoon feeding even when my mouth still full and how those people watching in awe told as how a great couple we are and we’ll be laughing because we really are not. I miss the way you help me in my home works and the way you insert love notes in my books. Every time you ignore and walk past behind me, I see the one who used to stop and kiss me; I see the one I’m with the whole night doing crazy things: sitting on the sidewalk while you’re doing lame magic tricks, slow dancing on a midnight on the road where my father greatly forbids and laughing hearts out doing the piggyback ride while the world was asleep.

But there are things I didn’t miss. I didn’t miss being second to all the things that matter to you. I didn’t miss how you ignore me when your crush sends you sudden endearments because she needs you to do something. I didn’t miss the way you told me you like me but you have someone already stored. I didn’t miss your stories on how you got your heart broken. I didn’t miss pretending I don’t notice you eyeing to other girls. I didn’t miss your convincing that we don’t need labels. I didn’t miss my asking for making us official. I didn’t miss how you sent me to friend zone countless times with reasons so hard to understand after building hopes in my heart. And I will be drinking the whole night while you were helplessly asking your crush out. I didn’t miss being a late night fling. And of all things I didn’t miss, I didn’t miss you.

Even though a part of me missed the things we do, I didn’t miss this unlabeled relationship, so toxic, the kind that made people jump off bridges. So yes, I missed us. God knows how much I missed us. But our love is not the kind of love I wanted.

A Letter to My Future Husband


I don’t know if we met already. I don’t even know if we already passed each other’s ways. I am writing to you because I want you to know that I am wondering if I ever crossed your mind or have any idea about me. Either way, as early as now, I am waiting for you and I always am.

I hope you’re doing fine; I know you are. I’m pretty sure you are handsome and I believe you are wonderfully made, designed to withstand trials, a clear proof you are a child of God. You are a believer and a servant of Christ; I know because I prayed for you all along. With that, I am becoming more excited about spiritually walking together with you.

I wonder what you are doing right now. You’re probably be sleeping at this very moment or preoccupied with your home works. I wonder if you have those sexy brown eyes, or that lips so hard to reach. I wonder if you have dozens of dogs and love them as much as I do. I am dying to tell you to prepare yourself to my random moods and craziness. Just so you know I love cuddling, chocolates, ice creams, cereals, Chuckie, piggyback rides, and surprises. Don’t shout or raise your voice at me, I easily get hurt. Don’t try to keep secrets, five minutes and I know everything so don’t bother to do so. Please at least try to pretend you are listening to my endless rants and dramas. Let me kiss you as much as I want, I know you will let me. I am looking forward to being with you and as early as now, I am saving all my love for you.

Love, I hope you are a person who will bring us closer to God. I pray God will strengthen you in today’s trials you are facing. I pray you will never give up and will never be so hard on yourself. We still have a long time to take, and I pray God will preserve you. I hope you won’t be easily swayed by other women’s beauty so easily. I pray that right at this very moment, you are satisfied being alone because you knew that at the right time, I will surely come along. I pray God will help us save our purity so that we may be able to appreciate all the waiting. I am deeply praying that He will never allow you to engage in immoralities and He will give you a heart with a good judgment to resist temptations. I know you are a person with a good heart and you’re serving God by bringing people to Him. I believe that at the right time, we will finally have all the reasons why things didn’t work out as much as we wanted them to be, why past relationships have to end, and why we are kept from the wrong people. And lastly, I pray all these waiting will pay off until the day we meet.

I can’t wait to finally be with you and do all the things I want to do with you; to steal your food, to cook your favorite dishes, to ride on your back, and to surprise you with kisses (random hugs included). Hold on love, perfect timing will find my way to you. I’m sorry if I’m running late but believe me,  I’m on my way. By then we’ll be learning each other’s names and we’ll start connecting all the dots. And we will realize that we’ve known each other all along.

                                                                                                            Your Future Wife,

Ria Trexie