To the Christian Guy Who Broke My Heart

This is me, finally accepting my defeat that no matter what I do, I am not on your league.

We are not only seeing each other. In fact we are not walking between the line. We were given the time. We were able to hold each other. You were able to pull me closer through my waist. I know all your jokes, your favorite songs, and your scent. That’s why it was hard when I decided to forget you because it also means forgetting the familiarity of the places we’ve gone, even the sound of your ring tone.

Even so, I want to thank you for pushing that we are always wrong for each other. Because of you, I learned what a true man is – he isn’t someone who gives signals only to be never heard again, leaving strings of excuses that it isn’t the right time yet. He isn’t someone who comes back when someone is taking his place. He isn’t someone who breaks hearts and pretend he’s up to waiting.

And as I look at your new messages asking me out again, while a part of me still thinks that we can make it official in the right time, I am also thinking that this distance between us is the exact closure I needed to get over this and get over you. And it’s also possible that a Christian guy like you – so perfect and devoted, could break hearts too.