A Letter to my Future Husband



I don’t know if we met already. I don’t even know if we already passed each other’s ways. I am writing to you because I want you to know that I am wondering if I ever crossed your mind or have any idea about me. Either way, as early as now, I am waiting for you and I always am.

I hope you’re doing fine; I know you are. I’m pretty sure you are handsome and I believe you are wonderfully made, designed to withstand trials, a clear proof you are a child of God. You are a believer and a servant of Christ; I know because I prayed for you all along. With that, I am becoming more excited about spiritually walking together with you.

I wonder what you are doing right now. You’re probably be sleeping at this very moment or preoccupied with your home works. I wonder…

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To the One-Sided Love I Once Had


image“It would be perfect,” I thought if only it happened sometime in the future when he’s no longer a coward and I am not desperate.

You are not really mine to begin with and you never have plans either. How foolish of me to be so devastated by that no strings attached situation with you. It will always be a hard and painful thing to deal that even though I was left so many times and so easily, I don’t have the courage to rant because a friend doesn’t rant. And I was a friend.

I knew all along you are not the type who believe in labels. I was thinking maybe you were right, that a label is only a plain formality, that it really doesn’t matter if you go on dating without knowing what you are up for. It was okay then because I thought it’s where we’ll…

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To the One I Almost Dated



Somehow I was successful in pretending that what we had was never really a big deal – like it’s almost a total blur. But just this once I’ll tell you how much I’m feeling to this whirlwind romance you never remember but I can’t possibly forget.

Don’t get me wrong. I miss you. I miss how everything used to be. I miss the simple things: the way you run your fingers through my hair and how you tell me it smells great, the way you look at me while I was whining, the way you patiently answer the question I asked a million times or the way you carry me in your arms to stop me from blabbering. I miss your spoon feeding even when my mouth still full and how those people watching in awe told as how a great couple we are and we’ll be laughing because we…

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