To the One I Almost Dated



Somehow I was successful in pretending that what we had was never really a big deal – like it’s almost a total blur. But just this once I’ll tell you how much I’m feeling to this whirlwind romance you never remember but I can’t possibly forget.

Don’t get me wrong. I miss you. I miss how everything used to be. I miss the simple things: the way you run your fingers through my hair and how you tell me it smells great, the way you look at me while I was whining, the way you patiently answer the question I asked a million times or the way you carry me in your arms to stop me from blabbering. I miss your spoon feeding even when my mouth still full and how those people watching in awe told as how a great couple we are and we’ll be laughing because we really are not. I miss the way you help me in my home works and the way you insert love notes in my books. Every time you ignore and walk past behind me, I see the one who used to stop and kiss me; I see the one I’m with the whole night doing crazy things: sitting on the sidewalk while you’re doing lame magic tricks, slow dancing on a midnight on the road where my father greatly forbids and laughing hearts out doing the piggyback ride while the world was asleep.

But there are things I didn’t miss. I didn’t miss being second to all the things that matter to you. I didn’t miss how you ignore me when your crush sends you sudden endearments because she needs you to do something. I didn’t miss the way you told me you like me but you have someone already stored. I didn’t miss your stories on how you got your heart broken. I didn’t miss pretending I don’t notice you eyeing to other girls. I didn’t miss your convincing that we don’t need labels. I didn’t miss my asking for making us official. I didn’t miss how you sent me to friend zone countless times with reasons so hard to understand after building hopes in my heart. And I will be drinking the whole night while you were helplessly asking your crush out. I didn’t miss being a late night fling. And of all things I didn’t miss, I didn’t miss you.

Even though a part of me missed the things we do, I didn’t miss this unlabeled relationship, so toxic, the kind that made people jump off bridges. So yes, I missed us. God knows how much I missed us. But our love is not the kind of love I wanted.


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