Their Day, With Me

It’s surprising how this thing would turn out to be a great heartache.

I’ve known him 8 months ago. I guess you can probably say it’s been a long time. And yes, twists and turns happen. We met unexpectedly and I fall in love out of nowhere. Nibor’s still in my heart since the Never After. And of the entire heck in the world, I never thought this guy would change everything.

We’re compatible, interested to any of our likes. You can probably say we’re meant as a pair of slippers. And that’s a big yes.

It’s supposed to be “US” not until he dated Leslie when we’re officially MU. It’s not official (though I was the one who considered it). I know he still has those tiny branches of love life. But what’s the teary part is when we go out with Leslie (probably their date with me). But no matter how I tried to screw it up in my mind, hanging out with your MU and his girlfriend would definitely tear you up to the ground. Good thing Arwin and Ramlan is with me, talking things to avoid me from seeing them.

Leslie, the freak, weirdo, being the kind, unassuming person she is, bought the story hook, line, and sinker, tried to impress me. No wonder how she tries to get my attention. For what? To appreciate her? I guess I would do that if I completely lost my mind. She’s not that beautiful to be a head-turner.

She tried to reach for his hand, I saw it. If it wasn’t for me, if I wasn’t there, they probably are holding each other. Good for them, I realize I must be the one holding him.

And that’s not even scratching the surface, on that unfortunate moment when we’re waiting for taxi, I tried to stay away. I didn’t notice my jeans got wet and all I can notice is his voice trying to get my attention.

“Kit, hawa diha kay basa na imu jeans oh,”

I turned around.

She was there, resting on his back. I nearly fainted but I tried my best not to.

What’s worse is it’s nobody’s fault but mine. I didn’t have to wake up that morning and tell myself this was going to be the day he’ll ask me out. Of course I know he’s not my boyfriend, and we’re not together.But that’s not the point. The point is, I set myself up for things like this only to get stumped when things don’t play out the way I imagined it would. I decide to write about him in my diary, a very clear indication that he’s not someone I see myself getting tired of easily. No one told me to get my hopes up. There were no signs that today would be THE day.

How disappointing how I tried to fix it when everything I tried to do is he’s always there – trying to make me cry.


Perfect Pair of Shoes


LOVE – I never thought he’ll come unexpectedly when I least expected to. I realized that for all of my melodramatic antics, I didn’t know the meaning of the word until it happened.

“Hala naa na si Gloc 9!” I shouted.

At last, after some dance numbers, it’s finally his turn. A whistle-like voice from my throat spread to the ears of the people near my seat. I don’t care. Truly, it’s just one of the voices which echoed down on that night.

“Naa na siya! Camera bi!”

There Gloc 9 was, singing an unfamiliar song. If it never was to him, I would be innocent to the song. I slipped the camera from my hand and stood at the monobloc chair trying to snap pictures while shouting.

As I was standing in the middle of the crowd, I figure out there’s someone worth the camera for – the guy who danced nearly a minute ago.

He’s not from here. I guess their dance crew has just received an invitation for that night. He’s handsome; I can see it from far away. As my mind started to think how wonderful he was, I realized he was staring at me – the both of us.

Fearlessly, I jumped from my chair and ran to where he was, trying to pass the big crowd. There he was, sitting to one of the bleachers looking at me. I took the chance, and yes, I did.

“Pwede pa picture? I smiled.

“Oh sure,” he replied as he stood up smiling at me.

His crew mates were astonished and gathered toward us, teasing us. Then somebody voluntarily took the picture, thinking we were cute with each other. He went beside me, too close enough that our cheeks nearly collided. He posed, we smiled, and then the light snapped.

Then he looked at me, smiling. He’s one cute boy that made me dumb. I don’t know what to say. But I tried to speak up.

“Thank you 🙂 ”

“You’re welcome,” still wearing the handsome smile.

I didn’t wait for him to introduce himself. I hurriedly ran and went back to my seat, blushing. I didn’t care for a picture with Gloc 9 anymore, this one cute picture is surely enough. I opened the picture again and surprised to see we’re wearing the same shade of t-shirt.

As everything had been put to an end, everyone rushed to go home. As I walked towards the gate, the guy I’ve once tried to take picture with is walking after me. He looked me in the eyes, trying to say “Goodbye. I’ll see you again.” Then I saw his guy crew mates smiling at me. I don’t know if it’s their way that they’re showing their big “yes” for us or they have been trying to flirt. Whatever it is, I just smiled back at him.

I commuted on that night, sitting at the far end of the vehicle. I went back to see him, and yes, there he was, standing, looking at me. Thoughts came rushing to my mind.

We’re perfectly for each other, or so were we? I realized the right feeling of love comes when we’re busy loving the wrong one. I’ll never forget this night when that guy I tried to take picture with unintentionally showed me that after all, Kat’s stupid dramatic lies are never worth my faithfulness.

I looked at him for the last time of this night. Then the vehicle went off. Here I am, slowly separating to him. But one thing for sure, I’ll never forget him no matter what. Thanks to the person who made our meet worth it – thanks to GLOC!